ScienceLogic Events

  • Automatically adds Root Cause Reports as Events in ScienceLogic.
  • Each Zebrium RC Report includes a summary, word cloud and a set of log events showing symptoms and root cause. Plus a link to the full report in the Zebrium UI.
  • This means faster MTTR and less time manually hunting for root cause.

How it Works

Our recommended mode of operation for Observability Dashboard integrations is to use Zebrium’s Auto-Detect mode as an accurate mechanism for explaining the reason something went wrong. In this mode, you continue to use your existing rules, alerts and metrics as the primary source of problem detection. You can then review Zebrium RC Report findings directly in your ScienceLogic Event Console alongside other metrics to explain the reason behind problems you were alerted on.

Augment mode is useful if you use runbook automation to create a Ticket based on an event from your alerts. In this mode, Zebrium will update the Ticket directly with any Root Cause Reports around the time of the event so they’re immediately visible to you as you work the case.

The two modes of operation are independent. You can configure Auto-Detect and/or Augment modes depending on your operational use-case.

  1. Zebrium continuously monitors all application logs and uses unsupervised machine learning to find anomalous log patterns that indicate a problem. These are automatically turned into Root Cause Reports highlighting details of any problems with over 95% accuracy.
  2. Root Cause Report Summaries are sent to ScienceLogic as Events and Root Cause details are visible on your Event Console.
  3. If you need to drill down further to look at correlated logs across your entire app, it’s just one click from your Event Console.

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Augment (advanced users): ScienceLogic Tickets with Root Cause Reports

  1. Any ScienceLogic Action Policy can trigger a webhook request for Root Cause Analysis from Zebrium.
  2. Zebrium finds anomalous log patterns from your application that coincide with the event and creates a Root Cause Report.
  3. The report is sent to ScienceLogic and updates the Ticket associated with the event with Root Cause details.
  4. If you need to drill down further to look at correlated logs across your entire app, it’s just one click from your Event Console or Ticket.

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