VMware vSphere (beta)

Note: Please contact Zebrium at:

Collecting logs for Zebrium will involve setting up a Zebrium syslog forwarder within the vSphere environment, and then configuring vCenter to forward syslog events to the Zebrium syslog forwarder.


  • VMware vSphere 6.7 or above
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • Linux VM for forwarding syslogs

Installation and Configuration

Zebrium Syslog Forwarder Installation

  1. Create a VM for hosting the Zebrium syslog forwarder. An Ubuntu 22.04 server with 1 CPU, 2G RAM, and 16G HDD is ideal.

  2. Install the Zebrium syslog forwarder on the new VM by following directions here:

vCenter Syslog Collection Configuration

  1. Configure your vCenter Server to forward vCenter syslogs to your new VM by following the directions here:

ESXi Host Syslog Collection Configuration

  1. (optional) For environments with fewer than 30 hosts, ESXi logs can be sent to the vCenter server which in turn will forward them to Zebrium. See this article for instructions:

  2. (optional) For environments where forwarding ESXi logs to vCenter is not ideal, ESXi host logs can be configured to be sent directly to the Zebrium syslog forwarder. There are two ways to accomplish this:

    1. Configure the ESXi syslog settings via vSphere Inventory Advanced System Settings:
    2. Configure the ESXi settings with the esxcli tool.

VM Log Collection

  1. To send logs to Zebrium directly from VMs, please see the following:
    1. Linux based VMs:
    2. Windows based VMs:
    3. Other VMs:

    Note: Some VM OSs may support forwarding syslogs. Forwarding the VM syslogs to the Zebrium syslog forwarder created in step 1 might be an efficient VM log collection solution.