Zebrium On Prem: Support

Sending Operational Data to Zebrium Support

Slack Notifications

There are two Slack webhooks that can be configured in the Helm chart. We recommend configuring these two channels in your Slack instance and inviting Zebrium to the channels.

    • This channel will receive a summary of all Root Cause reports.
    • This channel will receive debug alerts on the operation of the Zebrium software.
    • It is strongly recommended that Zebrium be invited to this Slack channel.

Log Data

When you register for Zebrium On Prem, Zebrium will provide a secure auth token that can be used to send logs from the Zebrium On Prem software to Zebrium for remote monitoring (akin to Zebrium AutoSupport).

Note: Installing the Zebrium Kubernetes Log Collector will send logs from all namespaces in you Kubernetes cluster.

The log collector is deployed as a Kubernetes Helm chart as follows:

  1. kubectl create namespace zebrium
  2. helm install zlog-collector zlog-collector --namespace zebrium --repo --set zebrium.collectorUrl=,zebrium.authToken=AUTH_TOKEN_FROM_ZEBRIUM,zebrium.timezone=KUBERNETES_HOST_TIMEZONE

Contacting Zebrium Support

Slack (preferred)

If your company uses Slack, Zebrium will create a shared Slack channel and invite members of your company/team to join.


  • Send email to:

Support Hours

Day Hours TZ
Monday to Friday 6:00am - 6:00pm Pacific
Saturday and Sunday Limited Pacific

Support SLAs

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