Pre Installation

Sizing Considerations

  • Zebrium has a sizing calculator to determine vCPU and Memory requirements for your log ingest volume.
  • Please contact Zebrium for sizing calculations in preparation for deploying your Kubernetes cluster.

Note: We recommend you install Zebrium On Prem in it’s own dedicated Kubernetes cluster rather than in a namespace on a shared cluster for better supportability.

Software Requirements

The following list of requirements must be met for Zebrium software to be fully functional

  • Kuberentes Version 1.19 or higher required.
  • Kubernetes Cluster sizing must meet or exceed the Zebrium Sizing specifications. Please reach out to Zebrium to obtain these requirements
  • Helm V3 is required for installation of Zebrium On Prem
  • Local storage is required (shared storage such as NFS is not supported for the Zebrium database).
  • Ingress Controller with https support for a Fully Qualified Host Name (FQHN)

Account Name

You must define the name of the account that will be used in your On Prem instance. You are currently limited to a single account. Recommended name would be <company>_<deployment_name>. E.g. acme_onprem

Domain Name

You must define a Fully Qualified Host Name (FQHN) that will be used in the URL to view Root Cause Reports in the Zebrium UI.

Slack Channels

There are two Slack webhooks that can be configured in the Helm chart. We recommend configuring these two channels in your Slack instance and inviting Zebrium to the channels.

    • This channel will receive a summary of all Root Cause reports.
    • This channel will receive debug alerts on the operation of the Zebrium software.
    • It is strongly recommended that Zebrium be invited to this Slack channel.

Helm Chart and Image Repository Access

  • Zebrium will provide credentials (username/password) for access to your Helm chart and Zebrium container images managed in Harbor.
  • You will be able to create a secret key in your Kubernetes deployment from your Harbor account which will be used in the Helm chart to pull images.

Helm Chart Overrides

  • Based on the sizing calculations, Zebrium will work with you to define the Helm chart specifications for scaling and required CPU and Memory for all Zebrium components.
  • Your FQHN will be configured in your Helm chart as:
    • global.hostname: ""
  • The two Slack webhooks defined above will be configured in your Helm chart as:
    • zebrium-core.slack.enabled: "1"
    • zebrium-core.slack.webhook: ""
    • zebrium-core.slack.debugWebhook: ""
  • The secret key used to pull images from Harbor will be configured in your Helm chart as:
    • global.imagePullSecret: ""

Configuration Questions

  1. Are you currently running your own ingress on your K8S cluster?
  2. Do you already have a storage class/provisioner for PVCs?