Service Groups

Defines a failure domain boundary for anomaly correlation. This allows you to collect logs from multiple applications or support cases and isolate the logs of one from another so as not to mix these in a Root Cause Report. This is referred to as a Service Group in the Zebrium UI

If omitted, Service Group will be set to “default”. Default is used to denote a service group that represents shared-services. For example, a database that is shared between two otherwise distinctly separate applications would be considered a shared-service. In this example scenario, you would set the Service Group for one application to “app01” and to “app02” for the other application. For the database logs, you would either omit the service group setting or you could explicitly set it to “default”

With this configuration, Root Cause Reports will consider correlated anomalies across:

    "app01" log events and default (i.e. database logs) and
    "app02" log events and default (i.e. database logs) but not across:
    "app01" and "app02