Read Signal

Get the status of a signal.

Method URL http://<mwsd_container_url>:<mwsd_port>/mwsd/v1/signal/read
Content Type application/json

Request Arguments

Required Arguments Data Type How To Use
filter list List of SRID filter strings of the format “srid=<SRID>” where SRID is the srid returned from incident/create/signal API call.
Optional Arguments Data Type How To Use

Example Request Payload

  "filter": [ "srid=000615d0-39a0-0000-0000-00fffff00004" ]

Example Response Payload

  • bake_ct - Number of bakes that have run since siganl created
  • expired - Set to True after three bakes have run
  • created_incident - Set to True if an incident was created as a result of this signal request
  • Use the incident/read/list API with the inci_signal filter set to the <SRID> to get the list of incidents created as result of this signal request
  "data": [
      "bake_ct": 1,
      "create_time": "2021-10-06T04:21:32.472795Z",
      "created_incident": true,
      "epoch": 1633485722000,
      "event_type": "zebrium_incident",
      "expired": false,
      "integration": "zebrium",
      "local_time": "Tue Oct  5 19:02:02 PDT 2021",
      "modify_time": "2021-10-06T04:22:35.043531Z",
      "payload_data": "{\"zebrium\": {\"epoch_ts\": \"2021-10-06T02:02:02Z\", \"epoch_msec\": 1633485722000, \"epoch_local\": \"Tue Oct  5 19:02:02 PDT 2021\", \"deployment\": \"trial\", \"service_group\": \"ops-blue\"}, \"slack\": null}",
      "service_group": "ops-blue",
      "siid": "765afdaa-e85b-43e5-baa4-16214de10296",
      "srid": "000615d0-39a0-0000-0000-00fffff00004",
      "ssid": "a3593b9e-7858-429e-981e-2d9e50dab43a",
      "ts": "2021-10-06T02:02:02Z"
  "error": {
    "code": 200,
    "data": null,
    "message": ""
  "op": "create",
  "softwareRelease": "20210412141334"