Begin Batch

The begin batch API is called to begin a new batch upload. It is called as the first step in performing a batch upload.

See usage for information on batch uploads.

Method URL POST http://<zapi_url>:<zapi_port>/api/v2/batch/
Content Type application/json
Required Headers Authorization (set to ZAPI token)

Request Arguments

Optional Arguments Data Type How To Use
processing_method string Set to delay or opportunistic
retention_hours integer Minimum time to retain batch status after processing completes, in hours.
batch_id string Optional user specified batch Id. Must be unique.

Response Payload

Item Data Type How To Use
batch_id string Upload id, use as ze_batch_id.

Example Request Payload

  "processing_method": "delay",
  "retention_hours" : 8

Example Response Payload

     "batch_id": "b1cc71aef9989ead80012ac"