Update Channel

Method URL http://<report_container_url>:<container_port>/report/v1/outbound_channel.update
Content Type application/json

Request Arguments

Required Arguments Data Type How To Use Default
id string Id of channel from list channels None
Optional Arguments Data Type How To Use Default
alert_on_new boolean Notify whenever a new Root Cause report is created True
argument1 string unused None
argument2 string unused None
auth_header_prefix string String string used in the Authorization header as the authorization method when authorization is required for sending a webhook-based notification. typically basic or token basic
auth_password string Password used for basic authorization None
auth_scheme string Authorization scheme. Typically basic or token basic
auth_token string Token used for token authorization None
auth_username string User used for basic authorization None
channel_type string Can be one of: community, email, slack, teams, webook None
customer string Customer to associate this channel to None
deployments string Comma separated list of deployments associated with this channel Empty string
(all deployments)
email_list string Comma separated list of emails to send receive notifications when channel_type = email None
enabled boolean Use this channel when sending notifications when enabled True
name string User defined name for the channel None
retrys integer Number of retrys if sending a webhook fails 2
timeout integer Time in seconds before aborting a slow connection when sending a webhook 10
webhook string URL of webhook endpoint used when channel_type is slack or webhook None
service_group string Service group associated with this channel, Can be: Any, default (i.e. shared services), a specific service group as defined by ze_deployment_name Any

Example Request Payload

    "id": "ca91d4be-bc47-405a-980d-01f554c5c1cd",
    "enabled": false

Example Response Payload

  "data": {
    "alert_on_new": true,
    "argument1": "",
    "argument2": "",
    "auth_header_prefix": "basic",
    "auth_password": "",
    "auth_scheme": "basic",
    "auth_token": "",
    "auth_username": "",
    "channel_type": "community",
    "create_time": "2021-05-05 13:16:40.971947",
    "create_user_id": "eae3daf8-a5bf-406c-ac4e-1e3bea2b043c",
    "customer": "acme",
    "deployments": "",
    "email_list": "",
    "enabled": false,
    "id": "ca91d4be-bc47-405a-980d-01f554c5c1cd",
    "modify_time": "2021-05-05 13:16:40.971947",
    "modify_user_id": "eae3daf8-a5bf-406c-ac4e-1e3bea2b043c",
    "name": "Zebrium Community Slack",
    "retrys": 2,
    "timeout": 10,
    "webhook": "",
    "service_group": "Any"
  "error": {
    "code": 200,
    "message": "200 OK"