Signature Payload

Name Type Description
event_type string Always: “zebrium_signature”
customer_name string Customer name of Zebrium instance
deployment_name string Name of the deployment where incident was raised
signature_name string Name of signature
signature_url url encoded string URL to the signature in the Zebrium UI
signature_hit_ct string Count of times signature has been hit
signature_start_epoch_ts string UTC timestamp of signature start
signature_end_epoch_ts string UTC timestamp of signature end
signature_reason string Textual description of signature hits
signature_metadata signature_metadata object Metadata associated to the signature definition

Signature Metadata Object

Name Type Description
priority string One of: high, med, low
type string One of: problem, bug, info
category string User assigned categorization
url url encoded string URL defined by the user that may point to additional information related to the signature
description string User defined description of the signature

Example Payload

  "event_type": "zebrium_signature",
  "customer_name": "customer 1",
  "deployment_name": "deployment 1",
  "signature_name": "SIG-ZS-1024",
  "signature_url": "",
  "signature_hit_ct": 131,
  "signature_start_epoch_ts": "2020-06-19 19:12:30.758000",
  "signature_end_epoch_ts": "2020-06-19 19:15:31.909000",
  "signature_reason": "Signature triggered 131 time(s) between 2020-06-19 19:12:30.758000 and 2020-06-19 19:15:31.909000",
  "signature_metadata": {
    "priority": "high",
    "type": "problem",
    "category": "DB",
    "url": "",
    "description": "This is bug ZS-1024, Please see notes in Jira"