If you’re using a Slack workspace to collaborate with colleagues on incident resolution, you can use Zebrium to accelerate incident root cause and MTTR.

  • Each incident is augmented with a clear set of events and charts showing relevant anomalies in logs and metrics, including likely root cause and symptoms.
  • This means faster MTTR and less hunting for root cause.

How it Works

  1. Install Zebrium’s custom Slack application in your workspace.
  2. Just type the /zebrium analyze command (or get your Bot to do it) to notify Zebrium about an incident and ask for an incident report. We’ll pull together all the relevant anomalies, logs, metrics and provide near instant drill down capabilities to get you to resolution fast!


  • Slack integration requires you to have an existing Slack account that you can use to authenticate and install the Zebrium app.


If you need help with this integration, please contact Zebrium in your existing Zebrium Community Slack channel or by email to

Integration Walkthrough

In Zebrium

  1. From the User menu area, select the Account Settings gear icon.
  2. Click the Slack tab.
  3. Click the Install button (aka Add To Slack button).
  4. Enter your Slack Workspace and sign in
  5. Review the Slack permission details and click Allow to continue with the integration
  6. Click Continue when you see the “Successfully Authorized” message
  7. You will be returned to the Zebrium Slack integration page. Your integration is now ready for use

In Slack

  1. In any channel in the Slack Workspace you chose during the integration in Step 4, you can type the command /zebrium analyze [date/time]
  2. Valid date/times are shown below

Slack /zebrium command format

  • /zebrium analyze [date/time]
  • Valid date/time formats are:
    /zebrium analyze 6/22 7am
    /zebrium analyze 6/22/2020 7am
    /zebrium analyze 6/22/2021 7am
    /zebrium analyze 06/22/2021 7am
    /zebrium analyze 06/22/2021 07:00
    /zebrium analyze 6am
    /zebrium analyze 6pm
    /zebrium analyze yesterday 10pm
    /zebrium analyze today 10pm

Privacy Policy

The Zebrium privacy policy is located here